Pay Per click

Pay Per click

We carry out dynamic internet marketing through Pay per Click Management. PPC Experts at Shubh Designs helps you to choose relevant keywords as per your industry, language, country etc. so that you get maximum exposure in the relevant industry which means "More sales, Higher ROI, More targeted clicks" for less cost, and Increased profit.

Benefits of PPC are:

Your Website is placed in top pages of Google or any other search engine
Your ads appear in the specific location at a specific time.
We analyze the feedbacks and responses of the targeted customers for a new product or service.

PPC includes the following process :

Keyword Generation - Extensive Research of relevant and customer focused keywords
Strategy Formulation – Building unique strategies that improves Sales and Develop Budget
Ad Group Management - Creating convincing Ad groups and Ad Campaigns
Bid Management – Our PPC Experts exhibit in-depth result and research analysis for managing bids in order to adjust with your budget and increase ROI.
Landing Page creation - Creating effective and focused landing page for converting more and more visitors into customers.
Traffic Tracking – Monitoring traffic results from Google Analytics and then managing ad groups to generate more traffic.
Intellectual Advertising – Deeply studying market trends and customer psyches and advertise accordingly.