Email Hosting

Email Solution

The solution is targeted emails. This is the most direct and powerful method of marketing on the internet today. There are potentially millions of targeted buyers willing to purchase your product or service.

Send emails to targeted prospects & never be accused of spamming! Post newsletters, send invitations, announce a product launch, organize events, build online communities or send brand building promotional mails to your prospective customers. Live mailer now gives you complete freedom to build and run your own promotional campaign through a single web Interface.

Email Ids can be stored category wise along with other required details such as company name, address, phone, etc. In other words you can maintain a database of email Ids related to your prospective customers in an organized way. This in turn will help you send mailers to selected categories or individuals as many times as you want to.

Promotions being a major part of marketing strategies these days, Live mailer lets the world know what you have been up to lately with just a single click.